Friday, September 5, 2008

The offer

The offer

"Mr. Ventrelli, we bring great news for you!"

"The Godfather offers you his friendship and protection in exchange for... ahem... a monthly token of respect."

"Thank you, gentlemen, but I respect the Godfather my own way. Organized crime is not for me."

"You don't understand. The Godfather is giving you a choice.*"

*"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse."

"He is?"

"Yes! You can either pay for his protection, or else have your shop windows shattered."

"Isn't the Godfather a wonderful person in letting you to accept his offer on your own will?"

"No, no, listen... I know the Godfather is a good man. He'd never..."

"Mr. Ventrelli, the Godfather really appreciates you and your family. He wouldn't like anything bad happen to you."

"Knowing you rejected his offer will break his heart. Your place will burn to the ground, and it will be your fault."

"And he will know! He knows everything!"

"He knows where you live... He knows where your children go to school..."


Mr. Ventrelli took the offer. And then...

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I'M SAFE! God bless the Godfather!"

"Another candid soul won for the family."

"Look, there's that guy who called us thugs."

"Good. Let's take him to the back alley and teach him some respect."


  1. Excellent. The people it's aimed at won't get it, of course.

  2. I grew up in Brooklyn during the 1950s. My father and mother owned a lunchroom. They had to pay protection to the local Mafia don.

    Sorry, truthspeaker, but I don't get the humor in this cartoon. I saw this sort of thing first hand. It wasn't funny.

  3. @Michael,
    You don't find the humor in it because you completely missed the point of it.

    This is great cartoon and I love the Chick track style


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