Friday, May 22, 2009



Yes, I know it's not realistic. A real paranormal researcher would never link to his sources.

(And credit to Lola for suggesting the ufologist's name.)


First images from Herbert

The space probe Herbert has entered Mars orbit this morning and is already sending pictures of the surface. Please note that these are preliminary images — definitive versions with higher resolution and no compression artifacts visible will be available at a later time.

Marvin's Mysteries


Proof of my assertions that government agencies are hiding the truth about alien presence in our Solar System has surfaced — and from the horse's mouth itself! In this document I had access to, NASA admits to manipulating space probe photos to delete artifacts visible on the surface of Mars. What are these artifacts for? They candidly tell us: they are for compression purposes. For compressing space-time to make faster-than-light travel possible, perhaps? The possibilities are overwhelming. Gotcha, NASA! How will you cover this up now?

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