Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Research paper

Research paper

Positive results in a qualitative meta-analysis of complementary and alternative medicine
Dr. Karl Heiligenschein, M.D.

Traditional scientific lore in academia holds that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has no proven clinical effectiveness beyond placebo. The present paper examines the available sources of information and arrives to the conclusion that such claims have no basis in reality.

Dude with a cat, Some (2010). “Placebo doesn’t work on animals, silly”. Overheard.
Grandfather, My (1956). “They ain’t gunna stick that needle on me!”. Measless vaccination campaign.
Guy my sister dated, A (ca. 1999). “Big Pharma is out to get me!”. My house's dining room.
Heiligenschein, Karl (2005). A survey of the frequency of speeding tickets, conjugal infidelity and use of curse words among allopathic doctors.
Next door, Neighbor (2010). “My uncle took allopathic cold medicine and almost died”. True story. Waitress, The (2009). “I use homeopathy and was never to a hospital”. Bar around the corner.

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