Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A story about camels

A story about camels

"Once upon a time there was a sheikh who owned seventeen camels. On his death bed, he told his three sons to divide them this way: one half of the camels for the elder, one third for the second son, and one ninth for the youngest.

"The princes argued and bickered for several days. They were very confused because they couldn't find a way to split the herd as their father had ordered. But then a wise old man came riding a camel and said:

"'All this business with princes and primogeniture is a reflection of an archaic, unjust society. But that is over!'

"Next, he jailed the brothers for being counter-revolutionary oligarchs and seized the camels for the people."

"I like how my other grandad tells it better."

"Bah! That petty bourgeois."

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