Tuesday, January 24, 2012



"So my arguments for astrology won't convince you, eh? Well, of course! That is...

"... because you think you know better than other people, like every Aries."

"... because you're stubborn, like every Taurus."

"... because, being a Gemini, you don't have the patience to properly consider what I'm telling you."

"... because, like every Cancer, you don't like to be contradicted."

"... because you are dogmatic, like every Leo."

"... because, like every Virgo, it's hard for you to reach a conclusion, even when you have all the data."

"... because, being a Libra, you can't bring yourself to accept new things easily."

"... because you're arrogant, like every Scorpio."

"... because, being a Sagittarius, you are shallow and can't see the profound implications of issues."

"... because, being a Capricorn, you prefer traditional beliefs."

"... because you like to contradict other people, like every Aquarius."

"... because you don't assume reality, like every Pisces."

"See? Your attitude matches your sign perfectly!

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