Tuesday, October 9, 2012



"This little island, along with its adjacent islets and the sea around them, is the Independent Republic of Costamaranda. Port Chifulca is its capital and only major city.

"This little known country will soon be featured in news reports around the world because of a bloody coup d'etat led by General Efigio Zamuldano. Of course, no one will know we are behind it.

"Under Zamuldano's regime, the citizens of Costamaranda will be forced to wear the left shoe on the right foot and vice versa. Parting one's hair will be punishable with imprisonment for life without trial. Whistling, wearing digital wristwatches and sanding wood before painting it will be crimes against the state. Newspapers will be barred from using open vowels on Tuesdays."

"This is madness! What will we get out from that?"

"A priceless political standard. We'll be able to run our countries in any way we like and claim that it's not a dictatorship as long as it's not like Costamaranda."

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