Friday, February 20, 2009

Two point zero

Two point zero

(Pst! Just in case you missed the reference.)

TwoPointZeroMostel Beta

Become a web entrepreneur in four steps!

ONE: Get venture capital

Use the Start-Up Generator to create a business proposal to forward to your potential investors.

Take your pick of two available modes: Sounds Good on Paper or Crazy Enough to Work.
Over 10,000 buzzwords available for you to use on your document!

Once your proposal has been accepted, the ball starts rolling.

TWO: Create a back-end

TwoPointZeroMostel will bill you for web services at inflated prizes.

This is what your investors see:

Dedicated hosting: 1,500.00
High bandwidth line: 850,00
Database server: 1,000.00
Management and maintenance: 4,500.00
Data transmission: 630.25
Software licenses: 2,100.00
Total: 10,580.25

This is what you see:

Web services bundle: 580.25
Commission: 2,000.00
Your earnings: 8,000.00
Total: 10,580.25

THREE: Create a front-end

TwoPointZeroMostel gives you trendy design elements for you to make a site indistinguishable from thousands of others.

Rounded corners.
Rip-offs of the MSN figure.
Orange, green and purple.

Your site will be guaranteed to fail!


After a number of months (that can be set in the Control Panel) has elapsed, your start-up will automatically go out of business and you will be able to retire and enjoy your money.

Big houses.
Luxury cars.
Designer clothes.
Travels abroad.
Boats and private jets.
Expensive gadgets.

Are you ready for success? Sign up now.

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