Tuesday, April 5, 2011



(The sign fails to mention that this radiation is so powerful that it goes through dihydrogen monoxide.)


Luminous radiation is made up of electromagnetic emissions in the range of 400 to 790 terahertz. It is similar to the gamma rays that are released by radioactive materials, with the difference that its wavelength is much bigger.

What are its effects?

* Luminous radiation affects living beings: it causes chemical reactions in plants and changes the behavior of animals.
* Some parts of the human body (e.g., the eyes) are sensitive to luminous radiation. At certain levels, it can lead to blindness.
* It influences normal cycles of sleep and wakefulness. An alteration in these cycles can result in fatigue and serious diseases.

Did you know...?

* Many common household items emit luminous radiation. Manufacturers know this but do nothing about it because they would lose profits.
* Large amounts of luminous radiation come from outer space. In its crrent condition, the atmosphere can do nothing to stop most of it from reaching us.
* Governments take no measures against it. In some cases, they even grant contracts worth millions that result in increased levels of radiation in cities.

You can make a difference. Contact your representatives and officials and demand immediate, effective action against luminous radiation. Act now!

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