Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The arrival

The arrival

Credit where credit is due: this weapons-grade message of hope was "channeled" by Blossom Goodchild, who also predicted aliens would be arriving today. Well, there's still time.

"Know of this. We come to assist your world. We do not come to take over. We do not come to destruct. We come to give you hope.

"We are beings from other planets, who for many eons of your time have been preparing for these days. We are giving you the opportunity to capture on screen this particular ship. There shall be no contact in the form those of your planet would like. For this initial presentation we shall simply be presenting our ship to you.

"Until we can prove that we come in love, we shall not allow the fullness of our visit to be uncovered.

"Friends of the Earth. Do not be afraid. We beseech you to trust that we come to bring the downfall of those who have misintentions for the well being of your planet. If we do not intervene now, as has been planned for eons of your Earth time, then we fear it would be too late.

"We ask you to accept us in love. For that is why we come.

"Know of this. This is the beginning. Not the end. For indeed we come in peace. Fill your souls with trust in that knowledge.

"Be of joy. It is time for that. You shall know of this as your heart accepts the true reason for our visit. To bring you an understanding of love. Know of this."

"Alien Slaughter! Thousands dead from boredom by the invaders' broadcast."

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